How it works

How it works

We only work with top Hospitals or Clinics in any given country.

Simple and Fast Process

Check your availability for treatment

Choose after surgery complications insurance(optional-under financing tap).

Choose financing (up to 100%) of total treatment and travel cost (optional-under financing tap).

Book and select quote that fits you best, then give us at least 7 days window, to book your an in-person diagnosis and treatment dates.

Confirm treatment dates

Choose us to arrange travel or may do it on your own (in mot cases we can do it for less).

Arrive at destination

Choose optional free one-day guided tour at destination (require at least two days earlier arrival than appointment).

Finish the Surgery

Treatment a success, we and hospital clinic will do what it takes to help you come back home and enjoy the New You continuing to be on standby to help.

Save 50-80% on High Quality Cosmetic/Medical Treatments