This country surpasses any country in our consideration list as best medical destination:

  • High world ISO and JCI medical standards and certifications.
  • High concentration of board-certified surgeon in all medical specialties.
  • Strategic and safe destination at the cross road between Europe and Asia making travel comfortable and affordable
  • Cost of medical care in Turkey compared to USA and England offers savings of over 50%, even when travel and accommodations costs are included.
Turkey and Medical Tourism

In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a great medical tourism destination. The country is the confluence of western and eastern cultures. The government has made huge investments in the medical sector with Healthy Ministry pioneering certain reforms. There is upgradation of the medical system and introduction of quality treatment, advanced medical equipment, professional doctors, etc. This way, a patient from across the globe can get cheap surgeries abroad or overseas that matches with the American and European standards.

Why Consider Turkey?

Turkey’s medical tourism was dependent on patients from the UK, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, etc. Recently, the country is receiving patients from the US and Australia as well. The reason being its Istanbul Airport is well-connected with major countries across the globe. Patients can reach out to the reputed agencies like Meddistant Inc to arrange their medical trip too. Here’s how our team will help you:

Meddistant chooses the hospitals accredited by World ISO and JCI Organizations and possesses high-quality standards.

We are transparent in providing excellent medical destinations to the patients. You are free to choose from the provided choices that best fits your budgetary needs.

We help you connect with vetted, certified medical doctors and destinations in Turkey.

Meddistant helps patients get access to board-certified surgeons for all kinds of treatments.

The cost of medical treatment or surgeries is 50% lower as compared to UK and USA inclusive of the medical trip costs too. We also arrange for your travel and accommodation facilities.

Note: Meddistant Inc is different from other agencies as we provide multiple-quotes regarding your treatment. Other than this, our services include visa assistance, transportation from the airport to hotel and hospitals, and free one-day guided tour in the city or town of your destination. All our trips include this free guided tour.