The Italian Hospitals have won the “Gold Seal of Quality” awarded by JCI. The Commission has certified safety standards and quality care in 368 areas. The patients can get quality treatment for cardiac surgery, orthopedics, neurology, oncology, etc.

The medical treatment cost offered in Italy is quite competitive as compared to other countries. Moreover, it’s a Mediterranean nation with a great image, environment, and standard accreditations. Are you looking forward to affordable and qualitative surgery in Turkey or Mexico or Italy? Get connected with Meddistant Inc for a FREE consultation.

Italy’s healthcare system is regionally organized and provides universal healthcare coverage to all citizens and legal residents via a mix of public and private systems. Anyone can opt to use the private system for specialized doctors and diagnostic tests to avoid wait times, but will have to pay out of pocket, as it will not be covered by the national health service (SSN). Also, if prescribed by doctors, medicines are generally subsidized, like in many other destinations in the European Union.

Procedures & Surgeries

Italy is fast growing in international reputation for modern and highly successful medical treatments and procedures, while at the same time offering medical tourists the chance to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you're looking for services in Rome, Milan, Sicily or Palermo, you're bound to find highly trained and experienced surgeons and physicians.

Health Savings

Travelers to Italy generally save at least 10% to 20% on medical procedure costs, and they also benefit from medical travel packages that include lodging, food and the well-known Italian hospitality.


High altitudes, cold, wet and snowy in winter, dry and humid in summer. Coastal regions moderate and warm.