Turkey as A Safer Medical Tourism Destination as Compared to The USA And Europe

When you mention ‘Turkey’ to a friend in America, the first reference he will draw is to the spiraled domes of Istanbul. However, there are other references to the news of ‘conflicts,’ and political instability flashed on the television. But thankfully, Turkey has decided to put its best foot forward and is now one of the hottest destinations for medical tourism or even tourism in general. It is now compared to the USA and Europe in terms of safety to travelers.

Turkey or the USA - Safer or Not

As per the UK Foreign Office, Turkey is ‘generally safe’ to travel since it is restoring its tourism sector. Yes, it shares its borders with Syria, and there were terrorist attacks too. But which country is the safest today? Considering the country’s initiative in reviving its tourism and even medical tourism, the influx is on a high. The flight services to and from the main cities like Ankara, Istanbul to other countries has gone up too portraying its rising popularity for offering affordable medical treatment to foreign nationals.

The USA, on the other hand, has always been a top choice for people to travel or even to seek better medical treatment. However, there are cases of mass shootings and violence to foreigners rife in the news too. These have been a reason for the country to work on improving its image now to the world. Additionally, Turkey is a budding name for medical tourism for those looking for cheap surgeries abroad or overseas.

Is Turkey Safer than Europe Too?

As a part of the European continent, with multi-cultural blends, the country is a great tourist destination. With amazing coasts and grand architecture soaked in rich history down the generations, Turkey is blissful. Europe, excluding Turkey, is not certainly the safest. With political and social problems in big countries like Italy, France, Germany, and of course, the UK, Europe is reeling. But yes, Turkey is working on reviving its medical sector and this is a great relief for many.

Its Eastern border with Syria is troubled, and this is its Achilles heel every traveler might want to tread on cautiously. But other than that, contacting companies like Meddistant for surgery in Turkey or Mexico is logical. The company’s facilitators will take care of all the logistics, visa, and other such issues to make your trip as effortless to the country as possible.