Medical Travel during Covid-19 Pandemic

Global travel was expanding very fast prior to covid-19 pandemic at over 20% per year growth, projected through 2025. Global medical travel was estimated at over $70 billion, whereas now, it is expected to shrink by over 60% to some destinations like the US. Medical travelers are stuck in a conundrum. On the one hand they are faced with pressing health issues without the ability to receive treatment at their home medical facilities due to the lack of capacities swallowed by covid-19 patients’ needs and the escalating costs. On the other hand, they are faced with travel restrictions that prevent most people from traveling with ease outside their countries.

But like they say, wherever there is a problem, solutions and improvements for sure come. Health providers need to consider solutions and improvement that will keep the hope alive for patients who are eager to trave for their elective medical treatments at their preferred destination. The following steps should help retain patients hope that help is on the way, as we will eventually get over this Covid-19 pandemic to more manageable environment:

1-Keep in touch

Update potential patients of the latest Covid-19 news and how they can best manage their lives safely. Middle-eastern medical travelers, for example, who frequently seek the US and Medical facilities need to be assured that their cultural narrative is well understood and the medical provider will adhere their Arabic and Islamic needs for special food and female physicians to treat female patients if requested.

2-Offer far in the future appointments with incentives

While any medical appointments on a short notice may be far-fetched at this time, offering flexible appointments after March 2021, may actually work out as we continue to make inroads on the Covid-19 vaccine front and more robust protection mechanisms are being employed for medical travelers. Patients may likely be hooked if medical providers and/or medical facilitators offer them financial incentives and discounts.

3-Offer safer housing and travel

International medical traveler, more often than not, are accompanied by some members of their family members. Making sure that the patient, along with his or her family will be safely taken care of is huge comforting aspect that may propel many to take the minor risks of traveling. Medical facilitators or providers may also offer private jet travel that for sure will minimize human contacts and risks of being infected.

Many medical providers and facilitators are at forefront in all the above aspects of special care for medical travelers. USA based Cleveland Clinic Hospitals and Meddistant come to mind. Meddistant went even a step further by offering private jet from any where in the world to medical facilities in the US, Turkey, Mexico and India. Cleveland clinic offers special hotline for patients to assist. Other medical providers should and may follow suit to make this environment a better one for all. This will save lives and help people live healthier and better.

Meddistant is a trusted firm offering an option of medical tourism to those looking out for cheap surgeries abroad or overseas. The facilitators take care to arrange the flight, accommodation, and even the treatment-related works for you along with the return flight onboard assistance.