5 Significant Reasons Turkey Is Becoming Hub of Medical Tourism

Turkey has always been a source of tourist attraction because of its cultural and historical places. Recently, the country is hitting the headlines for its medical infrastructure. What was just limited to the USA, UK, and Europe have now crossed the borders. Turkey is recognized as the biggest investment source for medical tourism. In 2018, about one million foreigners visited turkey for medical treatment. Let us see a few reasons why the country is spotted as a hub of healthcare tourism.


The patients who are looking forward to low cost surgeries abroad or overseas can visit Turkey for their medical needs. The benefit is that patients can save over 50% of their medical cost as compared to their treatment in the USA or Europe. If the patients compare the prices with their native country, they are paying much less in Turkey. This has helped people who are facing financial constraints to get quality treatment at affordable prices.

Safer Health Treatments

The patients traveling to Turkey get safer and quality treatments because of the audit carried out by the Ministry of Health on a timely basis. Moreover, there are more than fifty medical centers in Turkey that have received certifications from Joint Commission International. This conveys that the hospitals are strictly valued for all types of healthcare services. Turkey is the only country worldwide having received maximum accreditations. This deems it fit for providing the best and safe medical treatment to foreign or local patients.

Accredited Hospitals

The hospitals providing treatment to the International patients operate under the National Accreditation System in Turkey. Even the Health Ministry audits the hospitals to ensure safety, quality, and service standards. Many International organizations accredit the health facilities provided in the country.

Popular Geothermal Country

Turkey stands at the fourth position as a ‘geothermal country in the world.’ As geothermal ‘hot water’ is used for medicine, it has emerged as a medical destination in the world. The country falls behind the USA, the Philippines, and Indonesia. With the opening of its new airport in Istanbul, Turkey has made it easier for the patients of over 50 countries to visit for their medical treatment.

Medical Vacation

People are getting enthusiastic for medical tourism for another good reason and that is improving their health along with their ongoing treatment. Turkey is a famous cultural destination with coastal areas, Mediterranean climate, and mountains, making it an ideal spot for wellness and enjoyment.

To conclude, Turkey has made its place among the top countries as a hub of medical tourism. Patients can avail the affordable and best treatment in various top hospitals in Turkey. You can also contact the reputed consultants like Meddistant Ltd to help you with surgery in Turkey at reasonable prices. The patients from across the globe can book with them. Our consultant doctors will reach out to you and guide from beginning to end.