Our Mission

Our Mission

Offer customers and organizations highly efficient market place for medical treatments by exploring world-wide offerings. All such sources are vetted to assure high quality services are being offered and best standards are followed. We continuously strive on providing our customers the most value in the most efficient and safe manner.

Simplified Transparent Process:

  1. We are in the business of making you feel much better with everything we offer and do.
  2. In most cases the price you will be offered is lower than if you have requested quote directly on your own. We capitalize on efficiency improvement at health facilities so we are paid by them (not you) for all the facilitation and preparatory services.
  3. Before and after treatment assistance with all needs.
  4. We only services in countries where we have staff to help you.
  5. Innovation savvy organization, always looking into more ways of making our customers experience a happy one; a free one-day guided tour through town at destination is just one way.
  6. At Meddistant we put every effort to serve our customers health needs in the most comprehensive way. We searched and availed hospitals and clinics around the world that abide by high standards, equivalent to those in USA Europe, and accredited by quality assurance Organizations like JCI and ISO.

Meddistant Difference:

  • You are assured to receive the highest quality treatment at the lowest possible cost as our certified doctors and facilities compete to that end through transparent multiple-quote offerings, where you then decide who fits your needs best.
  • Our goal is to make your experience very comfortable; from our hospitality offering, flight and visa assistance, city/town one day guided tour and all transfer from airport to hotel and hospital/clinic as needed.
  • We give our customers the choice to use our free one-day guided tour in city/town of destination..
Save 50-80% on High Quality Cosmetic/Medical Treatments