Meddistant is dedicated to offering customers transparent choices that deliver high quality medical services in the most efficient and cost-effective way to the customer. In most cases medical treatment through our facilitation process offer customers 50% or more savings over traditional cost, without sacrificing quality of care. Those savings are achieved even when travel and accommodation expenses are included.

Meddistant values customers privacy and will never sell data to any third party. We will only share your data with potential service providers for treatment purposes requested. Also, bidders for your treatment will only know your full information after you accept them to provide you with treatment.

Meddistant verifies that all facilities that register as providers are vetted for meeting high quality standards set by International ISO and USA based JCI organization.

We may charge a small facilitation fee for the services we provide, normally 5% of treatment cost or less.

In some cases, insurance or an employer funded plan may cover the procedure. After the customer chooses a service provider for treatment, he or she may want to check with their plan for coverage before committing to the trip to destination.

Meddistant has no limitation on type of treatment a customer may request. Customers may request treatment for cosmetic or medical conditions that meets their needs.

Each of the facilities we work with will cover any complications after treatment for a period of six months. In some cases, this may not be feasible as they will not cover travel expenses that may be prohibitive. Meddistant recommend that customer buys additional coverage provided under financing that covers any after treatment complications for a period of six months.

Please make sure you select the correct category that corresponds with your treatment. Include all pertinent information and medical files that helps physicians evaluate your situation. If you need help at any time, please contact us: support@meddistant.com or call us at 888.969-9959 or 1312-889-9105.