About Us

About Meddistant

We are medical travel facilitators. We aim to meet your needs and simplify the medical treatments process abroad. Our goal is to make such an experience better than what you can get at home at a much better value to you.

The Company That Understands Employers and Insurers Needs

Since the inception of Meddistant, the main focus of the company has been to answer the many health related needs of employers and insurers.

  • If you are faced with spiraling out of control health treatments that is hurting your bottom line,
  • If you are tired long employees’ absenteeism and low productivity.
  • If your company is self-insured and looking for an efficient company that can handle employees’ major health needs, complementing a system you already have in place,
  • If you are looking to access savings of up 80% without sacrificing quality of services of treatments,
  • If you are faced with high level of regulation and simply looking for help.

You came to the right place, Meddistant brings you services in a seamless and effecient manner. Above all you can enjoy all of our services for free. Our strong relationships with health service providers rendered them to offer us compensation for our facilitation services around the globe. Whether in Istanbul or in Cancun, rest assured that the employees you refer will receive top notch treatment and hospitality. Our main goal is to make medical destinations a home away from home.

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